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We are a team of designers of memories, emotions and moments that leave long lasting memories.

We are enlightened by wonder and thanks to the GABRIELERIZZILab CREATIVITY FORMULA, we create new recipes of wonder every day.

We follow a belief:

“Solve et coagula”

In Latin, it means dissolve and coagulate.

We love to dissolve all the creations that already exist, and then recompose them in a different way, with new elements and technologies, to create something extraordinary.

Ours is a laboratory of movement, formats, previews and trends.
Our creations are an alchemy of art, science and spirit.

We are constantly searching, discovering, evolving… without a beginning and an end. To create the future.

We are organised and well structured to guarentee you the best results

Who are the GABRIELERIZZILab alchemists:

they are creative, curious, crazy, innovative, aesthetes, competent and capable. Each of our collaborators, artists and professionals follows the same belief.

And everything we create we keep in our



He can only be the answer to his mission:

to create great impact and beauty through extraordinary artistic content and being able to grant people special, profound, life-changing moments.

Fascinated by different artistic expressions from a very young age, he transformed his passion into vocation by becoming a creative artist, an artistic director and a concept creator of shows and artistic content related to show-entertainment.

Gabriele is the founder of NuArt, a unique show production & entertainment company renowned all over the world. NuArt, in its continuous expansion, puts on hundreds of events a year for important brands in the luxury segment and for prestigious people.

Since he feels the calling to take creativity to an even higher level, Gabriele founded a new lab of haute creativity and exceptional art creation, giving entertainment a wider meaning. 

Gabriele Rizzi Lab – a team of alchemists willing to conceive the perfect formula for superlative custom-made events with powerful artistic-creative value and intense experiences on an aesthetic and emotional level.

The Elements of our Formula

The union of your needs and our formula will give life to the EXTRAORDINARY. In effect, for us, each project is the coming together of many parts, which go to compose the Matter of Dreams. We follow meticulous steps in order to always guarentee a high level of quality and an outstanding creativity, which distinguishes us from the rest.

Workflow Steps

  • We welcome your needs.
  • We elaborate ideas Holistically.
  • We produce bespoke creations, with attention to detail.
  • We create your show, making it the best it can be at every stage.
  • We involve your audience, leaving them with magical memories.

We are aware that we have the most precious thing in the world in our hands: your happiness.

And we take the upmost care of it through the five OBJECTIVES of the GABRIELERIZZILab philosophy:

  1. Produce unique and out of the ordinary creations customised to your wishes.
  2. Fascinate the eye with exceptional aesthetics.
  3. Amaze, excite and inspire.
  4. Solidify our creations and make them eternal over time.
  5. Invent and innovate continously.

We care about:

A "Made in Italy" production Excellent customer care Respect for the environment and for nature

Culture contamination

Among the elements of our formula, it is important for us to integrate the culture of our customers. Cultural differences inspire us to always imagine new customised concepts at the highest levels.


Gabriele always feels the need to be connected to nature, something that leads him daily in his path. This is why GABRIELERIZZILab is committed to raise awareness in the team about environmental sustainability.

Made in Italy

All the design and production of the clothing, accessories and materials is hand-made by artisans in Italy, with a strict selection of model makers, masters of haute-couture, set designers, stylists and costume designers.

Everything that we have created